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COVID-19 Health Statement

Update from PRO TOW CO / B&D Towing on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Concerns

It’s been one year from our last Statement.  This past year has been very challenging for us all. As we have seen lives lost and turned upside down across this Great Nation.  Business forced to close and open just to be forced to close again and again. And in some cases many Business closing their door permanently do to lack of business in many industries. Even our industry  24 hour Emergency roadside.         

 Here at B&D we are a very Small Family Owned  Business of 14 Employees and all our Employees are like Family. All of us here at B&D took this pandemic very seriously and still do being we’re so small.

We had to stop taking passengers, close our office doors and conduct business outside our building when we had business to conduct. We’ve had more than our fair share of lack of business and we’re still working on getting back to Pre-Covid as all Businesses are.

We found ourselves cleaning and doing our best to keep busy around our shop when there was no work to keep us busy for quite some time in 2020. I can’t say enough good things about our Team here at B&D.

We all stood with each other and our Families do to the nature of our industry. And we had to come to work even though many days turned in to weeks and Months with very little to sometimes no work for any of us to do.

I’m blessed to say with the help of PPP we were able to keep all our team Employed Full Time. And I want to Thank All Our Team for standing with us. Without our Team We B&D might not be here today. 37 Years still. To All Our Team Members Here, You and your families will all always be in my thoughts.

 As we go into 2021 things seem to be getting better we thought.  With this new Delta Variant Concerns growing, We find ourselves back in Déjà vu all over once more it seems like.

Just when we were back taking  just 1 passenger if our Drivers were ok with it, and letting people in our office to conduct business.

We find ourselves back for the interest of health and safety putting extra safety protocols back in place.  All our Customers and Accounts have been fantastic in understanding and We Thank you all and look forward to seeing your faces in our office and being able to ride with our drivers.

 We have nothing but the best interest for safety for all. And we graciously appreciate your time understanding.

From All Our Team Here At B&D We Wish You All Nothing But The Best.          

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COVID-19 Health Statement

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