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Commercial Tow Concord

Get a Commercial Tow in Concord today!

Commercial Tow Concord

Commercial towing requires a specific set of skills as well as the right equipment. B&D Towing is your solution for getting a commercial tow in Concord and the surrounding Contra Costa area. We have a fleet of vehicles ready to tow medium-duty trucks, fifth-wheels, multi-vehicle loads, and much more. We even tow RVs. When you call us, you know that a fast, reliable tow truck is on the way. We can handle your commercial vehicle as well as the load you’re carrying. Trust us to get you off the side of the road to whichever repair shop you chose.

Every minute a commercial vehicle is stuck, both time and money are getting wasted. We understand the pressure to get back up and running. That is why we have a large fleet servicing a wide area, so we are never far from where you need us.

Get a fast, reliable, 24-hour commercial tow from a locally-owned company with more than 30 years’ experience.

Some of what our commercial tow services have to offer:

  • Nationally Certified Towing Professionals
  • Shuttle vehicles
  • Buses
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Medium-duty trucks
  • Fifth-wheels
  • Fleet Vehicles

  • Toolboxes and other cargo
  • Lockouts
  • Jump-starts or pull-starts
  • Fuel delivery
  • Flat-bed tow
  • Multi-vehicle tow
  • And more

Commercial Tow Concord CA

Your Professional Commercial Tow in Concord

Each of our certified towing professionals in Concord has the expertise to handle a commercial tow. We understand that your vehicle is your business. As an independently-owned company, we are in the same boat. We treat you and your vehicle with the same efficiency and professionalism we expect from our vendors.

When a commercial truck is stuck or broken down, it is more than an inconvenience; it equates to a costly interruption. In addition to commercial tows, we also offer roadside assistance. We can help with everything from lockouts to getting you unstuck from a ditch or patch of mud. Our tow trucks come fully prepared to offer towing when your rig cannot get started, as well as problem-solving solutions when we can get you back up and running.

Don’t wait another second. Call us now and get the commercial tow you need and get moving.