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Enforcement Tow Walnut Creek

Need help with an enforcement tow in Walnut Creek?

Enforcement Tow Walnut CreekChoosing to get a vehicle removed from your property is a difficult decision to make. After all, the person getting their car towed has to deal with paying the associated fees and getting it back, which can be difficult depending on their situation. But if they’re taking up spaces for your business or blocking the way into your home, sometimes it’s the best option. If you’ve decided to get an enforcement tow in Walnut Creek on a vehicle like this, choose B&D Towing. After all of the proper procedures for private property towing have been followed, we’ll come by and remove the problem vehicle and handle it from there.

What is the proper procedure for private property towing in Walnut Creek?

Different states and cities have different rules when it comes to towing from private property. For Walnut Creek, a list of detailed rules can be found in the list of city codes. For towing from a commercial property, this includes the following:

  • Signs at least 17 by 22 inches with letters at least one inch tall must be posted at all entrances stating the parking rules. These signs must include the name and number of the towing company that will tow the vehicle.
  • The car must be illegally parked for at least one hour before it can be towed. However, in Walnut Creek, if a vehicle parks in your private parking lot at least three times in two years and you have previously issued a warning, it can then be towed without waiting.
  • Once all of the conditions are met, we can come and remove the vehicle from the property. See our private property vehicle removal agreement for more specifics.

Can I ever have an obstructing vehicle removed immediately?

Enforcement Tow Walnut Creek CA

Generally, owners have a chance to rectify the situation or correct their illegal parking before the vehicle is towed. There are some circumstances where their car can be towed immediately without their consent.

  • If they are parked in a fire lane or less than 15 feet from a fire hydrant, you don’t have to wait.
  • If the vehicle is blocking an entrance to your parking lot, home, or business, it can be towed.
  • Vehicles that park in an accessible parking space without a visible permit may be removed right away.

For towing in Walnut Creek, including roadside assistance and emergency towing, call us first!