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Enforcement Tow Concord


Dealing with an enforcement tow in Concord?

Enforcement Tow In Concord By B&d TowingIf you’re a business or homeowner, your property must stay clear. Having unauthorized vehicles on your land can limit or eliminate space for your family or your clients. While many people try to delay towing it away for as long as possible, sometimes the vehicle will keep returning and impact your home or business. If this is the case, you may want to put up a sign up to warn them that their vehicle will be towed. Most towing companies will be happy to assist you by putting up a sign with their name and number on it, but how do you know who to go with? If you need an enforcement tow in Concord, go with B&D Towing. Our prompt, efficient, friendly towing service will help you through the towing process from start to finish. With our towing services in Concord, we can help you with any of your towing and roadside assistance needs!

What if my vehicle was towed by you? If your vehicle was lawfully towed from a private residence, call us and we’ll direct you to its location. Be sure to bring identification so that the vehicle can be released to you. If you pay the fees and the lot is closed, the impound lot can only charge you for one day’s worth of storage, regardless of whether or not they were open at that time.

How soon can I get a vehicle towed from my property?

This depends on what type of property you have and the particular circumstances. Most enforcement tows aren’t seen as an emergency unless they are blocking the entrance to your home or business. In California, the time before you can have a vehicle legally towed away depends on if you have a residential or commercial property, and if you have warning signs up. California code section 22658 goes into full detail, and includes the following information:
Enforcement Towing Concord

  • If the vehicle is on a single-family residence that you own, you may have it towed away immediately. If you are renting, only the property owner can initiate the towing process.
  • Without a 17″ X 22″ sign at each entrance, vehicles at commercial properties can only be towed away 96 hours after being given a notice of intent to tow.
  • With the proper posting of signs, vehicles at commercial properties can be towed after 1 hour if they do not visit the associated storefront.

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